In the modern world, we spend much of the day in sedentary positions. A study in Australia found that the average office worker sits for 14 hours per day when tallying up all the sitting at work, during transportation and for leisure time.

Human beings are not designed to sit. In our fast-paced society, extended periods of sitting have become the norm, whether due to desk jobs, long commutes, or excessive screen time. Ancient Egyptians invented the first chairs only around 5000 years ago, so our spines have yet to adapt to this novel form of movement, especially for so many hours per day. Unfortunately, this sedentary behaviour leads to various physical changes, such as poor posture, reduced flexibility, and decreased joint mobility.

Maintaining a healthy spine is crucial for supporting your overall health and well-being. The exercises featured in the video are selected to improve spinal health, enhance joint function, and promote optimal posture. By prioritising your spinal health, you can experience increased energy levels, improved mobility, and an overall sense of vitality.

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The exercises in this video were selected by Teun from GO! Outdoor Training