Here are some of the things that have been nourishing my soul in 2020.

Podcast: Deepak Chopra’s Infinite Potential

This is a great podcast that explores what makes humans conscious beings. Can we define consciousness? Does the universe truly exist as an objective reality or do we create it inside our own minds? There are a few episodes really worth reflecting on in this series, and you will also get some ideas of how to change the narrative inside your own brain to change your experience with the world around you.

Book:  Marcus Aurelius - Meditations

Marcus Aurelius was a Roman emperor in the 2nd century AD. This is a collection of writings that was not actually designed to be a book, but more a set of reflections addressed to himself. He was a student of Stoicism, a school of philosophy that teaches us to accept each moment as it comes, and not to blindly follow our desires for pleasure or react to our current fears. This has helped me practice acceptance of whatever situation I find myself in, and focus my attention on what it is that I can actually change.

Meditation:  Sarah Blondin - Transforming Fear

I have done all of Sarah's meditations and my friend Saga definitely explained her voice in the best way as "a warm cup of tea." Let her take you on a poetic journey while allowing yourself to experience the emotions that well up inside you. Fear is one many people have been experiencing this year. Does fear serve us a purpose? How can we use it to our benefit? Sarah's meditations are short and beautiful, I recommend listening first thing in the morning when your brain waves are in a more relaxed state.

Yoga:  Delight Yoga

My yoga studio is currently offering online classes as part of their regular schedule. Carve out some time for yourself, tell everyone in your household that you are doing just that and then follow one of their classes from the comfort of your home. Yoga is a great way to live in the present moment, following your breath and for those precious minutes not thinking about what the future may bring.

Netflix:  Please Like Me

We can't fill our head with too much knowledge but we can definitely take a break when we need it. Here is one of my favourite shows set in my old neighbourhood in the north of Melbourne. This show made me laugh, made me cry and everything else that's in between.

Remember that good health comes from being in balance physically, chemically and emotionally, so put some energy into forming positive habits in each of these categories. Your nervous system controls and regulates all aspects of your health, so make sure you are getting adjusted by your chiropractor regularly to be better connected to yourself and maintain optimal health.