Jonathan M. Barnewolt


I received my first adjustment when I was 30 years old, and it felt like my mind and body were finally fully connected. It forever changed my life.

I have always had a keen desire to serve humanity. I grew up with a natural talent for art and storytelling and a passionate love of nature. I was blessed to be surrounded by my family’s private forest, replete with a cliff-lined stream with waterfalls and hidden grottos. Encouraged by my family, I always assumed I would serve humanity as an artist, writer and naturalist. I excelled in the arts and attended art university on a talent scholarship, paving the way for an exciting art career devoted to spreading my love of nature through my art.

At the age of 21, a near-fatal auto accident interrupted my journey, yet it proved to plant life-changing seeds in my journey. The marvel of modern medicine saved my life, reassembled my body, and conditioned me back to a functioning state over the course of two years. Considering myself fully recovered and healthy, I went on with my life with a new-found interest in healthcare, but otherwise unaware that all was not well within.

Seven years later, I was again in an ambulance, then the hospital, facing difficult news. The previous auto accident had caused undiagnosed damage to my spine. I was now in such a state that my neurosurgeon declared I needed immediate spinal fusion surgery, without which I may never walk or function properly again. A quiet yet persistent voice inside told me there was another way, and fate led me to chiropractic.

I received my first adjustment when I was 30 years old, and it felt like my mind and body were finally fully connected. It forever changed my life. Acknowledging the old damage to my spine yet empowering me with the knowledge that I’m built to heal, my chiropractor led me on a journey of healing and growth, which culminated in my decision to serve humanity not just through the arts but also with chiropractic.

I enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic, where I met my lovely wife Kristi and started a family. After we graduated as Doctors of Chiropractic, passed our national boards and earned licensure in Florida, we opened a flourishing wellness and healing centre called Thrive, serving many thousands of clients over many years. Heeding the call in our hearts to cross the Atlantic to the Netherlands, we sold our wellness centre in 2020. For a time, our path was diverted to Albania, where we have had the honour of serving as the nation’s first chiropractors. We have introduced this natural health choice to a rapidly developing country in a time of great need, laying the groundwork for others to follow.

In 2022, with great excitement, we continued our journey to the land of my ancestry, The Netherlands. I am grateful to witness the Delft community thrive, sharing in the joy of natural health and vitality! It is an honour to be a part of the passionate Solar team, where I have found kindred spirits united in service.

You deserve this.

It’s time to start feeling better, your mind and body will thank you.

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