Simone Hoogma

TRE provider and EFT practitioner

The more you let go, the more fun it gets.

I help people who feel stuck in their work or are just experiencing challenges in their lives. We are often affected by our fears or other automatic emotional responses, and these can have a big impact on our health. Subsequently it can become difficult to relax, be in touch, be creative or simply be happy. Some people feel stress in the body almost continuously.

With TRE (Tension Release Exercises) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), stress is released by working in the area of the brainstem and limbic system, rather than in the rational brain. These techniques utilise a physical approach to processing emotions and releasing stress. During TRE you will perform exercises that release stress through vibration. EFT is a combination of acupressure and Western focus techniques. I am so happy to see how people can heal themselves from old (emotional) patterns with TRE and EFT.

During my law studies I discovered that I wanted to be less busy in my head and so decided to follow a more creative path after graduation. During my almost 10 years of entrepreneurship as a stylist, I was given the opportunity to complete wonderful projects for both small and large companies. It was during this time that I discovered what I wanted most of all was to work with people. When I began to learn the methods I'm working with now, I immediately knew I wanted to pass on this knowledge to help those in my community.  

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