Yuni Chen

Women's Vitality Coach

I help women unlock their vitality, resolve their health issues, and feel amazing in their skin so they can have the clarity and confidence to create the lives they ache for.

Through 1:1 Holistic Health coaching based on nourishing your body with local & seasonal real foods, organic forms of trace minerals and traditional animal foods. Illuminating the body’s innate wisdom through complete nourishment. My approach is always food, lifestyle and mindset first BEFORE supplements.

The food you eat each day is not just fuel but also deep nourishment for your life. Whether you are looking to support fertility, feel steadily energised throughout the day or become an absolute Vision of Vitality…


Food is one of (if not the) greatest ways in which we can influence the vitality of our body. Given that our vitality is the driver of the life we create for ourselves, imagine what becomes possible when your body is operating at its fullest potential.

Being well-nourished is also a catalyst for reprogramming intrusive & restrictive thought patterns, habits, narratives, minds, and lives. IT'S BEYOND PHYSICAL.

❋ When you are connected to the wisdom of your body and your intuition is strong, your true desires become apparent.

❋ When your mind is clear and focused, you can make confident and empowered choices.

❋ When your energy is abundant, you are unstoppable in the pursuit of your dream life.

Modern-day women are dealing with an onslaught of symptoms ranging from painful periods, infertility, chronic fatigue, hormonal issues, burnouts, ADHD, anxiety, depression and so on. The symptoms are there for a reason and they are intelligent expressions of HEALING in action. We thank the body for the expression and we tune into the deeper truth that wants to be known, we get out of the way of its unfolding.

Please note that I do not rely on bloodwork tests or lab results for our journey together. I lead women into radiant health through teaching them the solid foundations of deep nourishment (local & seasonal nutrition, light, movement, healthy relationships, self love) that women need to create life and to be VITAL. Together we look into what’s NOT working for you, what’s holding you back, what’s DEPLETING your Vitality and how to turn it all AROUND. I fully believe in the power of an individual to reclaim their vitality over the power of any external institution to do it for them. Because true healing happens from the inside out.

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