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When entering into a new relationship, whether it is a romantic one or simply a friendship, it's beneficial to both people involved to always speak your truth and have the courage to be vulnerable. Day in, day out, many of the chiropractic clients I see in Amsterdam present with stress-related complaints. Being honest with ourselves — listening to our body and nurturing our minds is one way we can alleviate some of these stresses.

Be comfortable with who you are

Being honest with ourselves and others, allows us to express our true selves and there is nothing more important than that. We can often worry about what others may perceive us to be, or if our true thoughts could interfere with the direction in which we want a relationship to go.

Sometimes, we can suppress who we really are to make this larger vision become a reality. But if we don’t speak our mind or open up in an effort to ‘protect’ someone else from parts of ourselves that we are unhappy with we can do more damage than good in the long term. We do this much of the time, maybe without even being conscious of it — it's the brain's survival mechanism. We constantly doubt showing the world who we really are in fear of our full self not being accepted. The fact is, we are really hiding from ourselves when we do this.

As the saying goes, “the truth hurts” — well…not always.

Set yourself free, with the truth

If we show our true selves to others in any relationship, it will, in fact, set us free. We instantly move with the flow of our natural selves and it gives us the freedom to be exactly who we are. In reality, we can never control somebody else’s emotions towards anything we do or say, so why should we worry? Remember, worry is just interest paid in advance for a debt you may never owe. What truly matters is that we are honest with ourselves and able to be who we truly are. If you do this then either:

  • It will allow the relationship to deepen and you will connect knowing you can be completely yourself, relieving stress and improving happiness.
  • Being honest could also fracture the relationship if showing your true colours doesn’t work in harmony with the other person. This isn’t bad though, it just means you are no longer wasting your precious time pursuing something that isn’t right for you. You are better off saving your energy for more meaningful and truthful connections.

So, always remember to be yourself! Because only then will you attract those meant for you — from having a morning chat with your local barista or your new manager at work.

The earlier we speak our truth, the closer we are to being our true selves – life is too short to hide from yourself.